What does your smile say about you? Muriel Arnold knows more than the average person. That's good though, because she studied to be a dentist. It was during her time studying that she also discovered an interest in photography. Muriel started taking portraits and soon found that it created a momentary but intense connection with others. After her studies, she took a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where she assisted on a few photography projects. It was there that she was transformed from a hobbyist to a professional photographer. She was surprised at how much people would reveal about themselves in front of a camera and wanted to capture that humanity, the simple beauty of their personalities. With or without a smile, their was a story to be told and her photography encompassed that feeling and emotion.

Muriel returned from her trip and started to devote her attention and skills toward the art of photography. Her training has helped develop her natural raw talent and enabled her to focus on capturing portrait imagery and documentary, which is her true passion. That is where she shines. Capturing the essence of the moment, and behind the scenes story we all want to know.

Muriel was born in 1973, Wuerzburg, Germany. She lives in Munich.

muriel arnold